ExTempore - harp, vocals, electronics

With my ensemble ExTempore, we play improvised music and originate unique songs out of the sensitive interplay between harp, vocals and electronic music by Jon Trout.

Merasaya: "Children of the tides"

Together with the singer Emilie Isabelle, we recorded an improvised album called “Children of the tides”. Our songs invite the listeners ears and hearts deep into the sound of ones innermost being.

What my audiance says

To experience Vera Ambruster playing the harp offers the listener an encounter with something beyond the musical. Her gifts include inviting listeners into a space created around her as she merges improvisation with formal structures of the composition. (...) Through her interpretation of the musical material in each unique moment, she facilitates opportunities for individuals in the audience to open to a feeling that her music just gave them a part of themselves back
Marie Trout PhD
Manager, Author, Podcaster
Vera is very innovative when she performs with her unique product in the form of harp and vocal at the same time. She is a bridge-builder between classical and rhythmic music, which meet in an extremely elegant and aesthetic way. While also being charming and very skilled at her job she is also good at understanding the target audience and delivering a product that fits the occasion perfectly.
Andreas Mathew
Musikkens Hus, Executive Producer
Vera is such an interesting musician. A versatile performer who seeks new land with her voice and harp. I had the opportunity to perform with her a couple of times, and I always felt very safe with her musicality and yet intrigued by her artistic choices. Vera has a very bright future ahead of her.
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen
Composer, Bassist
For our exhibition we wanted evocative music that touched people emotionally and that was exactly what we experienced Vera fulfilled with her beautiful voice and harp. Professionally, Vera is also a pleasure to work with and she has my warmest recommendations.
Regitze Bay
Linie Design A/S, PR & SoMe Manager