Anyone can learn the harp!

You can play Jazz, Pop, Irish and classical music on the harp!

My great passion is to share my love for the harp and how versatile that instrument can be! Often, the harp is considered “only” a classical instrument. And yes, I do play and teach classical harp, but I also enjoy playing rhythmic music on the harp, arranging Jazz standards, Improvising and writing songs for harp and vocals.

I have been teaching harp to adults and children, beginners and advanced players over the last 10 years. As my harp student, I will tailor the lessons to your needs and offer a variety of teaching methods and tools from my previous degree in harp and elemental music pedagogy.

“Vera provides very versatile and exciting lessons. From technical exercises to improvisation; from classical to Celtic sounds to jazz – everything is possible. In addition to her competence, she is very kind and open-minded. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a teacher.”  Michaela M.

Book a lesson with me, I teach online and live in Aalborg (DK).

My background as a harp teacher

Falling in love with the harp, I started playing at the age of 5 and was performing concerts and winning competitions from a young age. I took my passion for the harp to a higher level and studied harp and music pedagogy in the Music Academy in Freiburg (DE) and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (FI). After earning my Bachelor, I moved to Aalborg (DK), where I currently study a master in rhythmic harp at the Royal Academy of Music.

In addition to my classical training, I arrange pieces from all over the world for the harp and took numerous master classes with international harpists to expand my repertoire. Among others, I learned from Diego Laverde Rojas (COL), Sivan Megan (ISR), Imogen Barford (UK), Isabelle Perrin (NOR), Paivi Severeide (FI), Edward Witzenburg (NL) and Park Stickney (USA).

Students say: